Earning your clients' business

Technology lets us step out from the computer and have real conversations to make an impact and create more fulfillment in the work we do.

KPMG to pay $50M for cheating on PCAOB exams

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged the firm with changing some of its previous audit work and manipulating results of its internal training tests.

Right Networks turns QuickBooks Desktop to 'Always On'

The cloud hosting provider has deployed Autofy, which integrates QuickBooks with e-commerce platforms and automates functions.

The M&A Repair Manual: Chapter 3

When a combination is no longer repairable, firms should de-merge as soon as possible.

A mid-year tax legislation update

Congress is considering plenty of bills — how many will be passed is another question.

10 tech stories you may have missed: Faster WiFi is coming

Bill.com launches the first AI-enabled business payments platform, and nine other technology developments you and your clients need to know about.

Wayfair and beyond

The Supreme Court decision is groundbreaking, but it isn’t the only news in sales tax: Avalara’s Scott Peterson dives into a handful of other issues your clients need to know about.

IMA celebrates 100th year

The Institute of Management Accountants is marking its centennial this week during its annual conference and expo in San Diego, California.

Storm victims in S.D., Ark. get filing relief

As long as the necessary payments or deposits were made on a timely basis, reporting deadlines will be extended, according to the IRS.

Corporate America gets clarity on tax bills for offshore profits

Multinational corporations got some long-awaited clarity from the IRS, which issued new rules on Friday clarifying how they must compute a new international tax.