Generational Viewpoints: Diverse takes on diversity

Different generations from RSM US offer their views on opening the profession to a broader talent pool.

Tax debate update: Republicans grapple over trigger provision

The Senate tax bill is headed for a marathon debate this week after Republican leaders brought the measure to the floor Wednesday with the goal of holding a final vote by the end of the week. Here are the latest developments, updated throughout the day.

GOP tax bills tilt toward wealthy despite pitch for middle class

President Donald Trump is pitching the Republican tax-cut plan as aimed primarily at helping middle-class Americans, but the biggest beneficiaries of cuts in the individual tax rates are in the wealthiest income brackets.

Coinbase loses bid to block IRS probe of bitcoin gains

Coinbase Inc. lost a bid to block an Internal Revenue Service investigation into whether some of the company’s customers haven’t reported their cryptocurrency gains.

AICPA nears completion on revenue recognition guidance

The American Institute of CPAs has almost finished the process of providing accounting guidance on industry-specific issues related to the new revenue recognition standard.

FASB plans to ease lease accounting requirements

The Financial Accounting Standards Board decided during a meeting Wednesday to ease some of the implementation burdens and possible costs of the new lease accounting standard by making several adjustments and offering some practical expedients.

UHY donates $25K to Double H Ranch

The firm sponsored the Lake Luzerne, New York organization that holds programs for children with life-threatening illnesses

Trump’s tax promises undercut by CEO plans to help investors

Major companies including Cisco Systems Inc., Pfizer Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. say they’ll turn over most gains from proposed corporate tax cuts to their shareholders, undercutting President Donald Trump’s promise that his plan will create jobs and boost wages for the middle class.

Black Friday sales hold a message for accounting firms

Online sales across Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2017 blew away previous years’ revenues for the same period. That’s good news for American businesses, and an important wakeup call for accountants and other professional service firms.

Republicans send tax cut bill to towns with curbs on bond deals

Doing away with advance refundings would eliminate a crucial tool that’s saved governments tens of billions since interest rates tumbled after last decade’s recession.