ADP releases Next-Generation Tax Engine

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is an opportunity for tax automation companies to provide ways to simplify taxes for companies struggling to keep up.

Top safety concerns at accounting firms

If though it’s a low-risk profession, accounting employees can still experience injuries or illnesses caused by preventable hazards.

U.K. regulators recommend shake-up in audit market

The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority has issued a long-awaited report calling for separation of audit from consulting services, mandatory “joint audits” and regulatory powers to increase the accountability of audit committees.

IRS releases 6-year plan to modernize aging computer systems

The Internal Revenue Service hopes to improve taxpayer service and cybersecurity by updating its IT infrastructure.

Auditors getting tougher in Korea in blessing for investors

South Korean auditors are refusing to sign off on more and more corporate financial statements due to tighter regulations, giving investors earlier warning signs of trouble ahead.

Trump’s opportunity zone rules deliver on investors’ wish list

There’s plenty of enthusiasm for new U.S. tax breaks for investing in low-income communities designated as opportunity zones. But many people have delayed spending because of uncertainty about how the incentives will work.

How to make Trump’s tax returns public? The GOP may have cleared a path

If Democrats now in charge of the House Ways and Means Committee ever get their hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns, they could thank their Republican predecessors for providing cover to make the documents public.

Using M&A in your high-growth strategy

If you want to use mergers and acquisitions to grow your accounting practice, here are some perspectives to consider.

Supreme Court hears arguments on major state trust tax case

The justices questioned a state’s ability to tax income from a trust based on the beneficiaries residing there before taking any distributions.

IRS issues guidance on opportunity zone investments

The proposed regulations offer further details about a provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act aimed at spurring real estate investment in needy communities.