Product news: Nexonia launches travel management product

U.S. Bank releases business-tailored credit card, and Vertex integrates software with Infor ION API gateway.

House advances tax cut 2.0 bill, but Senate has no plans to act

The legislation would make permanent the 2017 tax breaks for individuals and pass-through businesses which otherwise would expire at the end of 2025.

MCM CPAs & Advisors adds Kramer Consulting

The Louisville, Kentucky-based Top 100 Firm has formed a new technology affiliate.

Accountants to Watch: Bryce Welker

The creator of Crush the CPA Exam on how he hopes to help candidates by customizing their study experience.

People & firms on the move: BlumShapiro hosts NABA workshop

PBMares promotes 13; MarksNelson opens art exhibit displaying work from local homeless; and other CPA news.

GASB proposes changes in government financial reports

Two new documents from the board suggest enhancements to the reporting model, and new ideas about recognizing elements in financial statements.

The 3-step rule to happy clients

How much do you really know about clients’ satisfaction with your firm and its services?

IRS masks some ID data on transcripts

The goal is to protect taxpayers from cybercrooks.

Art of Accounting: Small firms outnumber large firms 91 to 1

Even in firms that want to grow, some partners do not.

Deloitte to accelerate blockchain development in U.S. and Canada

The Big 4 firm was selected by The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance to take on the challenge.