How to turn ASC 606 into a transformation opportunity

You can look at the revenue recognition standard in one of two ways — a compliance burden, or an opportunity for finance leaders to emerge and change the game.

‘We are part of the problem’: Billionaires and heirs demand wealth tax

They’re an eclectic bunch — some of the nation’s most privileged heirs alongside entrepreneurs who have made spectacular fortunes in real estate, finance and Silicon Valley. But collectively they’re united on the need to tax more of the richest Americans’ assets.

AICPA proposes to update standard for audit evidence to embrace new technologies

The American Institute of CPAs’ Auditing Standards Board has issued a proposed standard on audit evidence to update an older standard and include new technologies such as data analytics and blockchain.

New bill would let same-sex couples claim pre-Windsor refunds

The House Ways and Means Committee unanimously approved a bill to allow same-sex couples who married before the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by the Supreme Court to claim tax refunds.

Companies starting to use AI technology to fight fraud

Thirteen percent of organizations currently use AI or machine learning to combat fraud, and 25 percent expect to adopt such technology in the next year or two.

SOX compliance hours on the rise, despite technology

Many audit teams are neglecting to implement new technologies that could reduce the time needed for SOX audit requirements.

Accountants get involved with sustainability issues

As more and more companies look to report on a wider range of measures, opportunities are arising for accountants.

MindBridge Ai gets $11M in new funding to accelerate AI development

The company is developing technology to inject AI into the audit process.

Serving the cannabis industry

Marijuana businesses are growing fast, but it’s a complicated market that accountants need to really understand before they jump in, according to Dave Roberson and Maureen Ryan of Kukuza Associates.

Art of Accounting: Moving staff up or out

If staff do not grow, then the owners cannot grow.