Philadelphia nears correction of $40 million discrepancy

A city task force has restored nearly $40 million in unreconciled cash accounts that was driven largely by duplicate debt service entries.

EU seeks more power over tax policy in move likely to spark feud

The European Union’s executive arm will propose the abolition of national vetoes on tax policy, which national governments are almost certain to reject.

Art of Accounting: 12 months of client contacts

There are many ways of keeping in touch with clients in a regular and unobtrusive manner.

10 tech stories you may have missed: The rise of the IoT

If growing instances of malware are any indication, the Internet of Things is the next big thing, and nine other big developments that happened in technology this past month.

IRS Free File opens

The free tax-filing system is now in its 17th year.

IRS reopens income verification service despite shutdown

The IVES program employed by mortgage lenders is back up and running, with user fees helping pay the salaries of IRS employees working in the unit.

Government shutdown threatens health care tax credits, Democrats warn

Obamacare coverage could fall prey to the shutdown, lawmakers caution.

Expense report approvals vary wildly

Some of the most questionable expenses in the fourth quarter included strip clubs, dog kennels, jewelry, cigarettes and gambling losses.

10 planning tips for starting 2019 right

CPA financial planners share their favorite moves for kicking off the year right.

Remote work will cross the chasm in 2019

Accounting firms are becoming flexible workplaces.