Goldman Sachs Earth Day impact report shows change isn’t easy

Goldman became the first bank to publish its report in line with Sustainability Accounting Standards Board metrics.

Professional growth, work-life balance top class of 2019's desires

According to a new report from LaSalle Network, graduating college students are starting to value balance and professional development over compensation.

Protecting client data is key — but don’t forget employee data

With cybercrime on the constant rise, accounting firms should take protecting staff data as seriously as protecting customer data.

AICPA launches international tax certificate program

The American Institute of CPAs has introduced a U.S. International Tax Certificate Program that aims to give accounting and finance professionals added skills to navigate the vagaries of international tax compliance and planning.

Noski to chair FAF until end of year

The former Bank of America vice chairman has agreed to stay on through the rest of 2019 as the board of trustees searches for new leaders at FASB and GASB.

IRS to ask for more info about divorce and separation on 1040

A TIGTA report examines the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the service, and how it was implemented.

Art of Accounting: Anything less than a 10 is an F

CPA firms are becoming more niche driven and expanding into greater advisory roles.

Elizabeth Warren proposes scrapping student-loan debt for millions through wealth tax

The Democratic presidential candidate is seeking to show young voters she would ease one of their biggest economic burdens.

Trump’s taxes: 1924 law gives Congress authority to see returns

If Democrats in Congress succeed in their quest to get Donald Trump to cough up his tax returns, they’ll have another Republican president to thank: Warren G. Harding.

Trump sues to block House subpoena for financial documents

The president and the Trump Organization have asked a U.S. judge to reject a Congressional subpoena seeking business records from his longtime accounting firm Mazars USA LLP.