Serving the cannabis industry

Marijuana businesses are growing fast, but it’s a complicated market that accountants need to really understand before they jump in, according to Dave Roberson and Maureen Ryan of Kukuza Associates.

Art of Accounting: Moving staff up or out

If staff do not grow, then the owners cannot grow.

Bernie Sanders to propose taxing Wall Street to pay off student debts

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will propose canceling the nation’s outstanding $1.6 trillion of student debt and offsetting the cost with a tax on Wall Street transactions.

Taxpayer Advocate Olson: 'My role is not to be a shill for the IRS'

Olson delivered what is likely to be her final public speech Friday before retiring at the end of July from nearly 19 years of running the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

SCOTUS rules states need a stronger connection to tax a trust

The court unanimously agreed that a non-contingent beneficiary’s residence was not enough of a reason for a state to tax a trust.

Facebook’s Libra is live: What CPAs should consider about the new cryptocurrency

While Libra isn’t accounting focused, accountants and other practitioners should be able to communicate to clients what these changes mean

House panel approves package of industry and low-income tax cuts

A U.S. House committee approved a package of bills that provide tax breaks for a variety of select industries and constituencies, kicking off what’s likely to be a protracted negotiation with Senate Republicans over whether and how to pay for them.

Thomson Reuters buys Confirmation in key move to expand audit capabilities

Audit automation is at the forefront of accounting technology innovation right now, with artificial intelligence changing the landscape of sampling and analysis.

People and firms on the move: A new chair for the CAQ

RSM donates more than a quarter of a million, the CSCPA names its new board, and EY’s Kelly Grier will lead the board at the Center for Audit Quality in October.

Firms giving back: Bennett Thrasher hikes for mental health

Top 100 Firm Bennett Thrasher hikes for mental health awareness; RSM US donates $258,000 to four prominent nonprofits; and other charitable initiatives from firms across the country.