Wilbur Ross could face hefty tax bill after pledge to sell stock

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s decision to sell his remaining equity holdings could save him from future run-ins with the government’s top ethics watchdog. But it could also set him up with a sizable tax bill.

House set to roll back finance rules in rare bipartisan move

Jeb Hensarling and Maxine Waters don’t agree on much but they’ve reached a compromise on a plan for dialing back financial rules that is poised to pass the U.S. House this week.

Many political tax-exempts no longer required to report donors

Many tax-exempt groups that participate in politics will no longer be required to disclose their donors to the Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department said.

Four states claim federal tax-deduction cap infringes rights

Four Democratic-led northeastern states sued the Trump administration to invalidate the new $10,000 cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes.

H&R Block debuts tax reform checkup

The service will help taxpayers manage the new withholding tables.

5 ways to get a head start on tax reform planning

These provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offer practitioners big opportunities to help clients.

Certify acquires Abacus

The former is taking a multi-brand approach to the time and expense management solutions landscape.

NSA announces 2018 scholarship recipients

The National Society of Accountants and its Scholarship Foundation highlighted 25 college students across the country pursuing accounting careers.

Innovation as a differentiator

Consultant Kacee Johnson – who recently joined CPA.com as a strategic advisor – explains how firms can boost their practices with “blue ocean” thinking.

Art of Accounting: Grow up

Many colleagues and clients get tangled in the daily merry-go-round that consumes much of their time while pushing aside creative, innovative and big picture thinking about their business, how they got there and where they are going.