GAO revises Yellow Book for first time since 2011

The Government Accountability Office has updated its auditing standards guide.

Why frequency matters in marketing your firm

How many times does your target audience need to be exposed to a message before it triggers a response?

Where is the audit profession going?

The accountancy profession, and the role of audit, have responded to an increasing pace of change in our society, economy and capital markets.

In new round of tax cuts, retirement changes seen as most likely to pass

Republicans are promising Tax Reform 2.0, but only a few measures may get approved.

Crowdfunding meets tax benefits as Fundrise seeks $500M

Fundrise LLC helped pioneer a model of raising small amounts of money online for real estate projects around the U.S. Now it’s starting a fund to buy properties in low-income areas of the country eligible for generous tax breaks.

EY holds 10th annual 'Earthwatch' program

The Big Four Firm’s international development program sees staff members travel to emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Peru to assist local businesses.

Manafort’s mansion, Benz on the docket at tax-fraud trial

Images of Paul Manafort’s multimillion-dollar houses and elegant suits, along with his tax filings, loan documents and summaries of money from foreign sources, will be displayed to jurors when he goes on trial this month.

Republicans move to kill carbon tax before it gains any momentum

A new, Republican-led effort to tax carbon dioxide emissions isn’t likely to make it to a vote in the House of Representatives anytime soon — but opponents aren’t taking any chances.

Growth: The difference between the disruptor and the disrupted

I was once asked, “Why is growth important?” My short answer was it comes down to perspective. Do you want your firm to be relevant and be a disruptor, or do you want your firm to be irrelevant and be disrupted? Without growth, your firm will certainly be the latter.

IFAC offers guide to small business audits

The International Federation of Accountants has released an updated reference.