Tax Fraud Blotter: Wide world of fraud

International schemes sought millions; an asset shuffle; time’s up for temp agency; and other highlights of recent tax cases.

Mueller squeezes Manafort and Gates with new tax charges

The former Trump campaign chairman and his onetime deputy were indicted on fraud charges as the U.S. Special Counsel mounted a fresh attack to strengthen his legal pressure against the men.

How SaaS can allow financial teams to automate their budget models

I speak to a lot of CFOs who are bumping up against the constraints of spreadsheets for building and maintaining their annual budgets.

This Florida city shows how Trump tax cuts may buoy Republicans

Democrats counting on an angry, anti-Trump vibe to propel them to victory in November’s congressional elections may be in for a surprise as voters begin to see the effects of last year’s tax overhaul in their paychecks.

IRS says interest on home equity loans can still be deducted

The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that taxpayers can continue to deduct the interest they pay on home equity loans “in many cases,” despite the new tax law’s limitations on the mortgage interest deduction.

Corporate whistleblower protections cut by Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court narrowed an anti-retaliation provision in the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial law, insulating publicly traded companies from some whistleblower lawsuits.

IRS inundated with ‘inappropriate’ calls to e-help desk

The Internal Revenue Service is getting blitzed with phone calls from taxpayers to the help desk it has set up for tax professionals, and it’s asking tax pros to stop referring their clients there.

AICPA wants ‘immediate guidance’ on pass-through business income under new tax law

The American Institute of CPAs is sending an urgent request to the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department, asking for “immediate guidance” on the definition of the term “qualified business income” for pass-through entities under the new tax law.

Majority of taxpayers want AI

Filers from 12 countries report they would welcome artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of tax filings.

ADP partners with ZipRecruiter

Payroll giant ADP has teamed up with the online employment site ZipRecruiter to help small businesses find qualified job candidates.