Intuit sees rise in TurboTax sales so far this tax season

The software maker’s results contrast with preliminary data from the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS ready to process some retroactive tax breaks

The Internal Revenue Service is prepared to handle three popular provisions that had expired for 2017 but were recently given new life by Congress.

People would rather have the same song stuck in their heads for a year than pay their taxes

Consumers say they would give up the internet and social media if they could avoid Uncle Sam.

Tax cut impact split along racial and gender lines

The new tax law is having an unequal effect on Americans’ paychecks.

Supercharge your firm’s recruiting efforts

Coaching programs aid in recruitment and retention.

To get into the 1%, you need adjusted gross income of $480,930

What does it take to get into the 1 percent? The price of admission is an adjusted gross income—basically, what you make before deductions—of $480,930.

Tax-code changes may slow giving to U.S. colleges, Moody’s says

Changes to the tax code may restrict growth in philanthropy to U.S. higher education to less than 6 percent this year, according to a report this week from Moody’s Investors Service.

AICPA recommends technical corrections to new tax law

The American Institute of CPAs sent the leaders of Congress’s tax committees a set of fixes to the TCJA.

Valuation challenges in accounting for M&A

Valuation Research Corp. co-CEO PJ Patel discusses the continued scrutiny of how business combinations are accounted for and valued, and the implications of the new tax law.

Baldwin CPAs merges in Buchenberger, Eggers and Spurr

The firm is adding more talent in Louisville, Ky.