Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders: Call for applicants for 2018

Accounting Today is looking for firms to participate in its annual rankings.

Old PTINs expire Dec. 31, IRS warns

Online renewals will be much faster, the service says.

AbacusNext continues growth spurt with Commercial Logic acquisition

The buy adds new practice management and workflow tools to the company’s portfolio.

M&A roundup: Firms combine in Minnesota and Ohio

Hawkins Ash CPAs acquires Thomas Cummings; and Pease& Associates merges in Levin Swedler Kennedy.

ACA forms won't be required for filing

The IRS pushed back the deadline for 1095-Bs and Cs — and said taxpayers can send in returns without them.

Art of Accounting: Cleaning out old files

My office moved and I am left with a dozen boxes I am going through to throw away things or shred. Since I am a compulsive saver, I feel it necessary to go through every box looking for things that need to be retained. This is creating a trip through memory lane for me. Here is some of what I found.

SEC offers guidance on accounting effects of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Securities and Exchange Commission is giving companies some leeway as they prepare their quarterly financial statements after passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

IRS guidance on partnership audit regime eases some concerns

The Internal Revenue Service has proposed guidance on the new partnership audit regime that promises to make it easier for firms, if not all their partners, but with some extra complications added by the new tax reform law.

Wealthy Americans flood advisers to take advantage of tax law

Republican lawmakers said they wanted to simplify the tax code so you could file your return on a postcard. It turns out the new tax law will be anything but simple for many affluent Americans, who are now inundating their accountants for advice.

Wolters Kluwer offers guides to tax reform law

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has released guides for both consumers and tax professionals to the new tax reform law that President Trump signed into law Friday.