In the blogs: Apple pie and taxes

Your firm’s tomorrow; quantifying clients; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Generational Viewpoints: Requests from one age group to another

The different generations in the profession want different things from each other at work.

Republicans release tax plan framework

Republicans unveiled a framework for their long-awaited tax reform plan Wednesday, listing a series of tax cuts but with few details on how to raise revenue to pay for the cuts.

Retaining and building loyalty with the ‘right’ accounting firm clients

It is significantly more expensive to attract a new client to an accounting firm than to invest in client retention.

PCAOB looks for more input on proposed requirements for use of other auditors

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board wants to hear more comments about a proposal to strengthen its existing requirements for a lead auditor’s use of other auditors and impose a more uniform approach.

Trump meets with House Democratic tax writers in push for bill

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Tuesday with a bipartisan group of House Ways and Means Committee members, the day before he heads to Indiana to unveil his tax plan.

Rea to merge in Walthall CPAs

Top 100 firm Rea & Associates plans to add Walthall CPAs, a Cleveland-based accounting firm, on Nov. 1, 2017.

Art of Accounting: Quoting hourly rates

Clients buy something they need or solutions to problems, not hours. Here is a situation that has actually occurred in a client’s legal matter.

Accounting leaders tap technology as top concern

Top figures in the field are concerned about the impact of Blockchain and artificial intelligence — but they are also still concerned about staffing shortages.

FASB proposes lease accounting changes for land easements

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has a proposed accounting standards update to clarify how to apply its new lease accounting standard to land easements.