Trump’s tax cut fate in the hands of these six key GOP senators

President Donald Trump and Republican leaders unveiled a nine-page framework to rewrite the nation’s tax code this week to rave reviews from within their party. But now the hard part starts—with the tax-writing committees in the House and Senate tasked with settling some of the most divisive issues.

IRS faulted on scrutiny of estate and gift tax returns

The Internal Revenue Service needs to fix problems with its examination of estate and gift tax returns, according to a new report.

Tax Fraud Blotter: Fake returns, only $3,000!

Fraud takes a holiday; O Pioneer; a lesson in tax evasion; and other highlights of recent tax cases.

Practice Profile: The Siegfried Group is in a league of its own

Bucking tradition for a bold new model, the firm has carved out a unique niche.

Third annual '#AuditorProud' campaign to kick off Sept. 28

The Center for Audit Quality’s social media event will look to introduce more students to audit careers.

GOP framework takes big step toward tax reform

The tax reform plan released Wednesday by Republican leaders and the Trump administration is more focused on corporate taxes than individual taxes, experts say.

Trump pitches tax plan as historic cut to boost U.S. hiring

President Donald Trump kicked off his campaign to cut tax rates for corporations and individuals, casting the proposal as an economic jolt that would boost hiring across the country.

Richest Americans doubt they’ll really win in Trump tax plan

President Donald Trump’s tax plan suggests that wealthy Americans could be in line for a boatload of breaks. At this point, the rich aren’t buying it.

Trump’s tax cuts seen producing short job growth ‘sugar high’

President Donald Trump’s plan to slash the corporate tax rate may not provide the sustained job growth that he and Republican leaders want, some economists say— that’s a point of longstanding and unsettled debate.

Trump gets to replace his auditor as IRS head prepares to leave

Donald Trump soon will get to choose a new leader for the IRS, a person who may have two high-profile and sensitive jobs: helping implement the president’s proposed tax cuts and overseeing an audit of his tax returns.