Buffett blames GAAP rule for $25B loss

Berkshire Hathaway posted a $25 billion loss in the fourth quarter, mainly due to a writedown from its stake in Kraft Heinz.

Farmers, fishermen face March 1 filing deadline

The IRS is warning those who haven’t made quarterly estimated payments to file and pay by the deadline.

Art of Accounting: Small firms need a network of experts

The complexity of everything that needs to be done is making running a practice more difficult for many small firms.

Tax law didn’t help Amazon pay zero in 2018 — it was just savvy

The e-commerce giant does not plan to pay the IRS anything this tax season. Yet that’s not largely because of President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul.

New York’s Cuomo vows to keep state, local tax fight alive

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is rallying a team of governors from fellow high-tax states to push Congress to repeal the cap on deductions for state and local taxes — an effort that looks doomed to fail.

EY probed in Denmark as Swedbank hires firm in laundering review

A report that the lender was involved in money laundering is being probed in Denmark over the Estonian dirty-money scandal surrounding Danske Bank.

U.S. tax refunds plunge 17% as Treasury ratchets up defense

Average tax refunds are down so far in the first filing season under President Trump’s tax overhaul, prompting the Treasury Department to caution that the data contain aberrations and could be misleading.

Tax season so far: Three weeks in

The IRS’s latest data shows filings are off to a slightly slower start than last year — but not much slower.

Financial analysts tend to stress bad news in earnings forecasts

Analysts are more likely to highlight the negatives instead of the positives, according to new research.

PwC backs further relief for taxpayers on underwithholding penalties

PricewaterhouseCoopers is supporting calls from the AICPA and lawmakers who are asking to lower the penalty threshold for taxpayers.