A realist’s predictions for the accounting profession in 2019

What accountants, controllers and CFOs should keep an eye on this year, based on discussions with peers in different areas of technology and business.

FASB task force reaches consensus on how to account for TV episodes

The costs of shows on broadcast and cable television, along with streaming services, could be affected by the changes.

Top 10 most successful phishing headlines reveal human faultlines

Firms are spending top dollar of late on security training for their staff, which is a good idea considering most security breaches are the result of social engineering.

Congress re-introduces bill to simplify small business taxes

The legislation aims to help entrepreneurs with filing deadlines, electronic signatures and the sharing economy.

Ernst & Young sets up an Independent Audit Quality Committee

EY will get advice from luminaries from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, the Financial Accounting Foundation and Vanguard.

IRS refund delays could force changes in Treasury bill supply

As the U.S. government shutdown continues, one potential consequence of it threatens to disrupt the supply of T-bills.

House Democrats cancel tax refund hearing after Mnuchin opts out

Lawmakers want to know how the longest government shutdown in history will affect one of the most critical tax filing seasons. But it’s unlikely they’re going to get any answers this week.

AICPA sees financial satisfaction waning amid market volatility and tax season uncertainty

Personal financial satisfaction declined in the fourth quarter of 2018 as stock market gyrations and the prospect of a government shutdown weighed on U.S. consumers, according to a survey by the American Institute of CPAs.

How to track the success of your marketing plan

Too often professional services firms put time and money into a marketing plan and then fail to follow up on their efforts.

Study finds aggressive tax strategies can lead to investor confusion

Complicated corporate tax planning tactics can produce uncertainty about taxes, in addition to the basics of company operations and finances.